Our Wholesale program can be categorized as the following:

  • Custom promotional chocolate items, corporate gifts, packaging
  • Wholesale/Bulk Handmade Chocolates/ Truffles
  • Private Label (Small to medium size contracts)
  • Product development for startups


Past and Present Clients:

Past & Present Clients

Custom promotional chocolate items, corporate gifts, packaging

A very unique approach to marketing your business image or corporate logo is with chocolate . These custom promotional items can be used for promotional giveaways, unique business gifts, trade show promotions, school or sports promotions, fundraising, advertising or anything your mind can dream up. Your options are unlimited when you use Mignon Chocolate for your promotional business items. Imagine your corporate logo engraved in gourmet chocolate and individually packaged to your specifications. Our packaging options include an array of colored foils, customized labeling for a specific event or holiday, plus much, much more.



Wholesale/Bulk Handmade Chocolates/ Truffles

With more than 60+ different flavors in our production, the wholesale/bulk packaging is available for resale. Each flavor is properly packaged in 5 lbs brown boxes for easy pickup or shipping.

Private Label (Small to medium size contracts)

Mignon Chocolate provides private labeling for many companies. We work closely with our private label customers to design shapes, custom flavored chocolates, and packaging that reflect their company’s distinct personality. If you would like to contract for private label manufacturing, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss how you can successfully extend your product line with unique private label products from Mignon Chocolate.



Product development for startups

We found a niche in our industry to assist startup companies to develop their dreamed chocolate products for different markets such as nutrition chocolate bars, herbal truffles, use of organic grown nuts, and many more . With countless tries we will finalize the product from taste, texture, appearance, to packaging. After each try, we will discuss the correction factors and run the next batch. At the end, our clients’ success is ours success.